The University of Tokyo Association Football Club


In Japan, almost every university has a soccer club. Among such soccer clubs, University of Tokyo’s soccer club is special for some reasons. One of the greatest significance is the fact that our club is called the “Association Football Club”, instead of “Soccer Club.” This is due to our club’s rich history.   University of Tsukuba was the first school to introduce soccer in Japan. Then, it began to spread among other universities and the alumni of those schools worked to spread soccer all over the country. Through such process, soccer became a popular sport in Japan. In 1918, Yuzuru Nozu, a student of Tokyo Imperial University (predecessor of University of Tokyo), who was later selected as a member of the Japanese national team, founded the “Imperial University Association Football team.  This marked the beginning of our historical club.  Four years later, in 1922, our team started the University Soccer League, which became the first official soccer league game in Japan. Records state that our team was very strong then. It can be said that our team made a great contribution to the development of Japanese soccer.

What We Aim For

Currently, our team is playing in the 1st division of Tokyo’s University soccer league. Above the 1st division of the Tokyo league is the Kanto league, and our team’s goal is to compete in the Kanto League. It is not an easy path to reach this goal.  We will have to win the playoffs after being the top 2 teams in the 1st division of the Tokyo league. Many other universities recruit good players by admitting students on their ability to play soccer, while national universities like the University of Tokyo only accepts students via regular entrance exams based on academics. However, with our intelligence, we are working hard to come up with ways to defeat these strong teams.

Takao Toshishige, General Manager

Mr. Toshishige is an alumnus of the University of Tokyo, who graduated in 1968. During his time at the university he was a member of ASHIKI (The University of Tokyo F.C.). In 2013 he took up his current position as General Manager at the club. Concurrently he is the Japanese Representative for the City Football Group, which holds clubs such as Manchester City in the Barclays Premier League and Yokohama F Marinos in the Japanese top flight.
While the on-field coaching is left to the head coach Takahiro Hoshi, Mr. Toshishige’s work revolves more around the management of the club. His vast network of connections has proved an invaluable link between the club and the rest of the footballing world.

How to reach us

Please send us an e-mail to the address below!